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I got so many tarot decks that just never get used so this blog is an attempt to journal about one deck a week and see how it goes. It will most likely not be too interesting unless you, like me, love tarot decks. Ok here it goes, the long list of decks I got to pick from:

African tarot

Tarot of the ages

Alcohol tarot

Ancestral Path

Animal Lords Tarot


Babylonian Tarot

Balbi Tarot

Baroque Bohemian Cats tarot

Bohemian Gothic

Bosch tarot

Buddha Tarot

Celtic Wisdom Tarot – Caitlin Matthews

Tarot of Ceremonial Magick

Chinese Tarot

Circle of Life

Cloisters Tarot

Comparative Tarot

Conver Marseille

Conver Marseille – mini replika

Cosmic Tribe

Crystal tarots

Dance of Life Tarot

Daughters of the moon

Da Vinci Tarot

Enochian Tarot

Fairytale tarot

Fantastical menagerie tarot

Fournier Marseille



Glastonbury tarot

Golden Dawn tarot – wang

Golden Tarot

Gummy Bear Tarot

Haindl Tarot




Hermetic Tarot

Hezicos Tarot

Housewives tarot

I am one tarot


Jolandas Tarot

Klimt tarot

Labyrinth Tarot

Liber T

Mantegna Tarot

Marsella (Argentina)

Master tarot – Folchi

Tarot of the master – Vachetta

Medieval Scapini Tarot

Morgan Robbins


Motherpeace tarot mini

Native American tarot

Navigators tarot of the mystic SEA

Tarot Nova – miniatyr

Olympia tarot

Osho Zen

Tarot of Prague

Roots of Asia

Sacred rose


Santa Fe

Schaffhouse Marseille tarot – Claude Burdel

Tarot of the Sephiroth

Servants of the Light

Shining tribe



Stained glass (della vetrate)

Stairs of Gold – Tavaglione


Thousand and one night tarot


Universal waite

Waite-Smith – small

Victorian Romantic

Visconti Tarot

Witches tarot

Voyager Tarot



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