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The EmperorThis was my card for today. He does not give me much on first glance. Hiding behind a tree, shielding his nudity with leaves. He is looking almost shy, his face and body tender for an Emperor. He is Adam in the Garden just about to fall from grace. There is a green snake winding it’s way around the tree into the previous card, The Empress, his Eve.  I usually see this card as someone in charge, taking responsibility, acting as a guardian and father figure. I don’t see that so much here.

The tree has a male torso, like a reflection of Adam, just as Adam was created to be an image of God. It makes me think about how we are shaped after those who lead us. Who is My Emperor? What kind of leader do I want? Who was my father figure? This could get personal fast. But let me start by saying that my real father was like this Adam, hiding and soft. And the man who raised me was in some ways his opposite, he could be hard, found it difficult to show tenderness but in the end he was there, he stood up for me and took responsibility.

Message for today: I actually just came home from my dads, we had a cup of coffee, read the papers and laughed. The man who raised me warmed up with age, he got my respect and I love him. I am glad I took the time out today to share that moment with him.



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  1. Love the look of your blog! I’ve always been curious about this deck, so it will be interesting to follow it this week with you. Someone once gave me a walnut with my name in calligraphy on it. They said it was like me – tough and hard on the outside, but tender on the inside. I wonder if, as we age, what’s inside gradually replaces the outside…


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