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Deck handing in it’s resume

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I decided to try out a ‘deck interview’ spread today with the Transformational. It goes like this:

1. What does this deck have to offer?

Introspection - HermitI see a man in a cave with a snake around his neck, a lantern held high, a bat over his head and a skull necklace. He is looking out into the open where a polarbear is guarding the entrance to the cave. His candle looks disturbed as if someone is blowing on it. The polar bear is one of my animal guides so it fit right in there! The snake and the bat for me are symbols of the unconscious, the shadow but also of knowledge and silence. The skull necklace is a Memento Mori – He carries it cause he knows in the end death will get us all but for now this is a chance to see beyond our limits. I like one phrase Ando wrote in the book here: Inner Vision Quest. This is on offer here.

2. What do I need to learn?

7 wandsA female fiddler is stepping down from where she was, up in the sky. A hand is offering her a note on which says ‘Resume, Talent, Competition. It’s a challenge! Will she take it? I think she will. I need to learn that I AM up to the challenge too. I need to focus on my creative connection to the Spirit (clouds in the sky) but also stay grounded (she got both feet on the ground, in the here and now) She holds the fiddle in what looks to be a ‘wrong’ way but it is just Her way. This tells me that I need to trust my own feelings and inspiration. I am up to the challenge!

3. Outcome

4 coins Input Overload! This is one messy image. I see a man hugging his knees, his eyes turned away. Skeleton with scythe and all. A pirate, a coffin with jewels, a castle in the sky and a creepy mirror a la ‘The Ring’ I would hug my knees too, and hide in the closet. Right now what I take from this is this: I almost traded this deck away just 2 days ago! I should just hang on to it. A lot of the times this card (4 of coins) tells us we hold on to hard to material stuff, in the end we all die and leave this place naked and with empty hands. But for now – it whispers to me (keep me)

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  1. There is so much to see in this deck. It invites you to look, then look again. For the outcome, it may mean don’t get so excited about your challenges that you overdo things. 🙂


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