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Scars from a War

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Queen of SwordsTodays card jumped out at me and I just put the rest of the deck away. The Queen of swords was also one that came up in a reading made for me on the forums just yesterday so I know she had a point to make. I see a beautiful woman sitting on a hard bench, decorated finely yes, but it kinda made me think of a bus stop of train station, a place where you stay just a while. She is wearing black and navy and there are medals on her dress like she is a hero back from a war but soon getting right back in the fray. I also see her naked torso, half protected, half showing. In her lap a dragon and she is holding a bloody knife. The dragon is bloody too, like she just cut it. This makes me think of the cutting away of lies since the dragon is a beast from Myth.

I carry my scars as medals from a war. Every one on my body is a victory. I did not die that day. I don’t flaunt them as medals, but they are there and if you are sincere you will see them. For years I cut away pain from my own body but now I cut it out of my life. If I feel hurt I say so to the person who hurt me. I feel more honest to myself since thinking of Queen as Swords as someone I need to be.

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