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Shutting the noise out

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3 wandsThis is actually yesterdays card. The message was loud and clear so I took a computer free day and oh what sweet silence! I pulled 3 of Wands out the first thing when I woke up (at 5am thanks to a kitten purring in my ear and licking my face) I see a woman sitting in her fruit orchard reading a book. The fruit is ripe for the picking and her face looks content. She is now preparing a different kind of harvest, a harvest of ideas and creativity.

I have been feeling on the edge and quite annoyed a few days and needed to shut out the constant humming of a million voices online to just listen to my own, sharpening my own intuition against a few selected books.

One thing that became clear to me was that when I am alone I am the most ‘Me’ I can be. I don’t have to try so hard to shine or be witty or even legible.

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  1. The people I tend to like and resonate with the most are the ones who enjoy their own company. People who don’t enjoy solitude and quiet every now and then seem to never stop talking long enough to listen. 😀


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