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Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal

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New deck for a week. I picked Liber T and was first really excited and looking forward to work with it. I bought it when it first came out and so far only just looked at it to see that all cards where there. It reminded me a lot of the Dante Tarot. The decks have the same artist: Andrea Serio. A bit minimal but very flowing art.  It is hard to work with this deck and NOT pull out the Thoth and all the Thoth books. So far I did 2 daily cards and just had to go to Thoth and compare and it is detrimental to the Liber T unfortunately. But I will give it a go from tomorrow, just me and the deck, I will lock away Thoth and all books for 5 days, I can do that!

 Ok so here we go. Last night I shuffled it well and my first card was Princess of Swords.  A woman is dancing in the night sky. On her feet ballerina shoes for her agile mind. She wears a medusa headed helmet but it is turned away from us (one cannot face the gaze of the Medusa without being turned to stone) Since the Princess is Earth of Air that has a point. Her flowing blue robe and her pinwheel like wings are transparent like the Air. It looks like she is leaping off a structure (the books says it is an empty altar) where I see a pillar of smoke rising. For me the nightsky and her leaping is symbols of active dream work. She wields a sword, point down as if she is stabbing towards the ground (going to the core)

For me last night she was a herald of dreams returning. I always been a lucid dreamer and I am used to remember my dreams with vivid detail yet these last few weeks I hardly dreamt at all and when I did I woke up with shattered fragments lingering. Now I dreamt of actual dream work.  I was dreaming someone elses dream for them, like cranking up a motor, getting it going. Once I succeeded with one sleeping dreamer I went on my way to the next, very methodically. A bit like this Earth of Air Princess I guess.

So this card tells me two things: That I will dream again and that I need to be more methodical when working with this deck. Also perhaps that I need to disconnect from the ground (those heavy books) and just take the leap.


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