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A few too many heads

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queen of swordsCard for Sunday was yet another sword court card. This time the Queen of Swords.  She is Water of Air and as such one of the most emotional Sword cards. If I knew more about astrology I would be happy as a lark here. Unfortunately I am a bit clueless, think that Libra is one of the signs here though. (note to self – learn more astrology)

What I see: In my journal I first wrote that she was sitting on the surface of an ocean but I see now that it is clouds. What looked like big moving jellyfish are just cumulus clouds. The Queen is seated and in her left hand is a severed head that is glowing green and looks kinda droopy, in her right is the sword with it’s tip pointing down again (as with the Princess). It is clear though that the down pointed sword does not prevent her from using it. Behind her is a jagged star like structure from which I see a child’s head (a cherub?) peeking out.

One thing I notice is that we here have 3 heads but just one whole person. Is the cherub her HGA directing her moves? The book of Thoth mentions that she is a liberator (libra) of Minds. One can only speculate of her reasons for cutting off heads like that. But there is a peacefulness on the face of the bearded man.

Today this card reminds me that even what we perceive as cutting words/actions can actually be said from a place of compassion and what is best for us. Cutting someone off can be liberating (think intervention) since it will give us a new direction for our mind. Look a bit further then the desire to be cuddled and loved by everyone. Perhaps the criticism that stings so bad can be that kick in the butt to make us change and be the best we can be.

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