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Strictly choreographed temple ballroom dancing with pointy sticks

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6 wands I am still struggling with this deck. I thought the added scenes would make it easier to read then the rather abstract minors of the Thoth but that is not the case here. The Thoth I kinda ‘get’ in a way, this is a jungle of  symbols, people, poses all set in a flaming inferno. So here comes the short list of what I see in an easy to read bullet format:

  • 6 wands in a diamond shaped pattern, like a shield, with steady burning flames in the gaps inside the lattice pattern.
  • In front of the wands a person in a black cape with back turned to us, arms outstretched and holding sword and shield.
  • On the other side of the wand lattice a man dressed in blue with a golden falcon (?) on his shoulder.
  • To the left a green woman in a magician pose, pulling down energy directing it into the ground.
  • To the right a red woman with arms flung out like in a greeting to the sun.
  • Behind them all, and a lot larger, a figure like a animal with a dead lion slung over his shoulders and with a medallion on his chest with 3 coins. He is holding a bow and arrow.

We are obviously crashing the party here of a full blown ritual with all the regalia. It feels stiff and slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps it is meant to feel like that, a bit intimidating. Like you should really wait for the written invitation approved of 3 high chiefs and a hierophant. It does lure you in though, whispering promises that if only you follow the rules, move like that, wave like this, wear that cloak, sing the right words you will be part of something really special. The elite group. Only it just might be that the elite group is just a bunch of old guys in silly costumes bragging about their titles. A bit like the Quickstep, takes years to master they say, but in the end it is just a really silly dance that more often then not gets those contestants in So you think you can dance voted off the show. It’s not even good dinner conversation. It is actually rather geeky. But I guess a lot of quicksteppers think like that about the tarot too…


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  1. I love the title of this post – lol! I had the Liber T several years ago; I got it because of the coloring, and thought that since I liked the Thoth, this would be even better. I never could get on with it and eventually gave it away. I’m hoping you make better friends with it than I was able!


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