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How fast a good thing turn to poison

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7 of CupsOh what dread we see here! Drooping, whipping, burning(about to at least), bleeding, crying and abusing. How did such a nice thing as 6 of Cups turn to this?

What I see: In the bottom of the card the normal 7 of cups arrangement with the cups overflowing with green goo, standing in a sea of green goo. In the middle of the card as it’s centerpiece a huge red bleeding cross and attached by thin cords are 3 bubbles with scenes of abuse by self and others, all with a christian flavour. A nun hitting a child with a bit stick, a munk whipping himself and a woman being taunted and about to be set on fire at a stake. Above it all in the starry night sky a floating mask, crying one tear of blood. One hand with a sword and one with a branch.

A whole lot of abuse all in the name of religion. I guess they all feel pretty good about themselves to be doing ‘Gods Work’ and then we see what might be God himself weeping. The bleeding cross is empty – our sins are already paid for. The sword for divine justice and the branch for divine peace but the offers are ignored by people living in their little self-righteous bubble.

I can see the point in this card, I really can. But why is ‘God’ just a mask in the sky? I prefer my cards without too heavy Christianity, whether they get a good or bad rep. It all makes me wanna put on this and sing aloud with Patti Smith   ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not  mine’


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