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3 of Cups It’s a 3 of cups day! Oh joy! I could very well need it cause there is a downpour here and gray and cold. It is too easy to just see the negative. Todays card help me focus on the bright things.

What I see: The cards bottom half has the usual arrangement of the three cups as in the Thoth deck. There are three beautiful red cups that are bejeweled with pomegranate seeds. They are raised up from the sea on lotus flowers and showered by clear blue water from flowers too, overflowing. There is grace and structure here.

The top half of the card is dominated by an angelic creature, wings spread across all the card. She is dressed in transparent clothing and is wearing a mask of a bird and holding a wand with a birds head (perhaps a phoenix wand?) Above her head an inverted pentagram inside a rayed circle. Under her wings there are couples dancing while throwing a net. They are standing on a giant green turtle.

Today I think about how I can ‘catch my joy’ and how I can do that while living a sustainable lifestyle. Our planets is a living organism and everything I do is leaving traces. How can I catch my joy while leaving very tiny footprints on the environment? And what is my pleasure? Often we think it is consuming and that if only we had more money or things we would be happier, the 3 of cups to me is all about sharing it though. Sharing the planet, sharing the joy, sharing of yourself.


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