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Living in my mind and not in my heart.

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6 Swords are piercing the middle of a rose cross. The rose cross is the cover of a book, on the back cover there is a snake spiraling around a burning heart. Behind the book sits an old man with white beard and long hair, clasping the book and in the other hand holding a starry night sky sphere in deep contemplation. He is sitting on a black cube and on the ground there are 4 geometrical shapes in primary colours. In the back I see what I think must be Nuit.

I could add more details but that is just the point, I could go on and on and on and analyze and compare and build immense thought structures. This is the Science card and I think I got it today cause I am living too much in my head and not enough in my heart. There is a lot of watching and thinking here and not too much of actually incorporating ideas into my own life. I am reminded of how much of an armchair magician I am. The man is hiding behind a book, perched ontop a perfected altar, contemplating the starry sky, almost oblivious to the vast starry sky above him and the goddess of Stars watching over him. He clearly observes a model rather then the real thing.


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