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Clearing away the clouds

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Ace of SwordsTodays card, the last for this weekly deck, is the Ace of swords. And it took me this long to really break free from Thoth and see this deck on it’s own merit. This sword is not a carbon copy of Thoth. It is something else, something different. It is still a sword, the same hilt with two crescent moons back to back and the three spheres building a triangle on the hilt. A snake spiraling on the grip too. The gold and silver rayed crown at the top too. But here the sword is crowned at the grip and the tip is piercing the clouds from above. Six Vavs as birds in formation around the blade. This sword is the formating power of the One clearing away clouds.

I don’t know Greek but I wager a guess that the inscription is Thelema.

I like this card for the little Vav birds and the direction it has.

For today I take is as advice to stay focused, don’t let my emotions run amok and that I am guided. The world around me are filled with divine blessings.

It reminds me of the absurdity in this card from Morgan’s Tarot:


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