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OsirisMy first daily card with the Ancestral Path Tarot is the King of Staves which show the King/God Osiris holding his weapons the Crook and the Flail. I used to mistake the Flail as a weapon but it is actually a harvesting tool which makes sense since Osiris is a God of the harvest. Osiris wears a richly decorated head-dress and necklace. By his side are two male lions. I like how he meets my eye, looking straight at me almost like a challenge to face him. Behind him burns a censer.

He is Fire of Fire, a responsible leader of his people and I can imagine just why he was both loved and feared. The interesting thing about all the Osiris myths though is that the active part in them is always his sister/wife Isis. Osiris main task seems to be to get himself killed, dismembered and put together again, all fitting in with the seasonal changes. He is the creative fire, the inspiration, the Lord of Love but oddly passive in a way.

I am glad to see him again though and I had fun digging out my old mythology books. The LWB for this deck is quite horrible to be honest so I am not sure I will use it a lot if at all. I read there is a companion book out there though I have never seen it. I think I will make do with mythology books and praise the Wikipedia 😀


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  1. I’ve never thought of the flail as a weapon, but of course the ‘cat of nine tails’ used for whipping would be a type of flail. And I can certainly see it used as such by a less important man. I can’t see the chief or Pharaoh using it as such though. Maybe Genghis Khan?

    What I’ve thought of it is as a whisk. For flies in hot climates; they drive you crazy and you’ll see whisks in use by everyone. Thank you for giving me another viewpoint!

  2. Forgot to say I love your header image!


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