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4 of CupsThe first card is the 4 of Cups. A man is sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. He is dressed in a deep blue cloak and a bejeweled and heavy gold necklace. On the floor beside him are 3 different gold cups lined up and a 4:th are being offered to him (floating in the air) He looks at it with distrust and his body pose shows that he will not accept it. The cup is glowing and casting a shadow of the man across the wall. The cups looks empty, more frills then function. It seems almost too shallow to actually contain anything.

I see this card and think that I am not happy with what I got yet not really sure what I want. Cups are emotions and all mine are empty or just not what I want or need right now. Not enough, too much of the same, not right, too cold, too hot. Perhaps what I really need cannot be contained in my heart right now. I need to empty my cup before I refill it with the right stuff… so on to the next card:

6 of Swords6 of Swords shows another kind of empty. A man is sitting in a meditation pose on a platform in his garden, his eyes closed and his back turned to a magnificent sunset over the ocean. In the distance a small ship sails past what could be the outlines of a temple structure. The garden is perfectly tended with blooming cherry trees, a pond and walk-ways. The 6 swords are lined up almost like a barricade against the nature. There is an active emptiness here as the man is quieting his mind to find the stillness within. Another thought that popped up in my head was that of Maya – the world as illusion and how this man is turned away from the beauty of Maya to find the beauty in the silence, in the empty.

One could argue that what is really missing here is Will and Manifestation but then these cards just show us the beginning of the path to that goal. The emptying is a tool to finding your real desire. Quieting the heart and the mind to give room for the silence. And then, in the silence, finding that which will fill us.

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  1. What a beautiful reading of these cards – I especially like your last line, about “finding that which will fill us.”


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