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JudgementThe Judgement has been my card 2 days now, I just cannot let go of it. This is one of the best Judgement cards I have ever seen because I have been there! I have been her, I have seen that, I have felt the pull.

When I was around 16 I think, I sat and chatted to some friends during lunch break and one of them started telling me about this crazy dream he had the night before when another friend asked him why he didn’t just wake himself up from the nitemare. The dream-teller told us that was impossible, that you could not direct a dream. And then it hit me, not every person was a lucid dreamer. I thought this was the most peculiar thing. To dream and be unaware it was a dream – imagine that! How fearful and strange it must be.

After that I began to read books on lucid dreaming but they did not make a lot of sense to me. They talked about astral travel and some silver chord from the belly button and seeing colours flaring etc. I didn’t do that! I was always IN the dream, inside a scenario, but I was always me, always aware that this is a dream and if things got out of hand I could turn around and change scene, make other people fade away, move myself out of harms way.

At the age of 3 I sent a huge hungry desperate cry for help to my grandmother in my dream. I shook her up, yelled to her and woke her up where she was sleeping 700kilometers away. She got in her car and drove all night to come get me and my brother out of a dangerous situation. I was pushed to do this by a ‘Tower-experience’ and used the pull of the Judgement-experience to reach out to her.

The Tower throws us out, head first into chaos. Life is not safe, what you thought was your foundation is torn away. You are forced to move away. The Judgement exerts a Pull, you are awakened and have to listen, you HAVE to reach out and move yourself. I believe we can live many many towers yet never really getting it, but when the Call of Judgement comes and you greet it and reach out and move with it, then it will change you forever. Judgement is Your Higher Self  tearing down the Tower.

Well, just a few thoughts for now.


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  1. I had no idea some folks are not able to wake themselves. I’ve forced myself away from nightmares many time. I wonder if it is a side issue of insomnia?

    • I got a friend who is a legitimate psychologist who tells me i got a need of controlling every aspect of my life when i told him about my lucid dreams. I think he is just envying me lol


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