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These are the cards for yesterday from Shadowscapes Tarot. 9 of Pentacles is pretty much how I spent the last few days. Enjoying my own company. A thing to note on this one is how there are not even any sprites or cats or birds in this card. Usually Shadowscapes is filled with life. But this girl sits alone and I can just imagine her playing that grand piano in a most laid back way, just letting her fingers find melodies.

I been dying for some action though so yesterday I went with a friend and my mom to a lil neighboring town for some shopping.

 9 of Cups. Now is that teeming with LIFE or what? This is being in the bustle of people (or fish if you so prefer) Joy of senses, taking pleasure in what you see, hear, taste, feel and smell.

Now the next card makes sense to me also:

8 of Wands is making a connection, sending out her little seeds to the world, letting her wishes come into fertile soil.

I love the colours or these cards. From green to blue and then the earthy tones. I was actually afraid of what seemed like a ‘sameness’ to these pretty pretty cards but if I put my preconceptions away it is not very ‘same’ at all between the cards.

all images are ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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