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I decided to draw a card for September with Shadowscapes this morning. The High Priestess was the one.

She is opening her arms to the sky and I can’t tell if she is standing on a branch or if she is merely floating in air. She is wearing a belt of branches and autumn leaves are falling out from her dress, on her mantle is the different faces of the moon. In her hand a pomegranate and she has bitten into it. She is going deep within to uncover mysteries and as a guide there is a snowy owl holding a tiny golden key. The tree limbs in the cards are bare, we are in autumn and nature is going deep into sleep.

I love this time of the year and I am dedicating my September to her and to my studies of the mysteries.


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  1. What an expansive looking High Priestess. I think she indicates our studies will be expansive, as well, since she is not the close lipped guardian of knowledge in this image, but rather seems to be making an invitation to her realm.

    Best of luck with the studies!


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