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Deck interview Shadowscaped

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What does the deck have to offer?

The Sun. Bright and light and just darn happy. Seeing life as possibilities and not as a serie of obstacles. I also love the armada of bird in this cards. Birds being ideas and thoughts and messages. Messages of hope and happiness. This is the brightest deck I own and good to pick out when I need my spirit to be uplifted.


What do I need to learn?

Ace of Wands. Follow the light! Listen to the inspiration. Let it warm me, take it all in, don’t over analyze but FEEL it.  The foxes in the warm light are both soft yet clever. I don’t have to compromise.



The Empress. Here too the focus is on the light. But also on the ’empty’ I don’t need all the dogma and learning here, just flow with it. Let the mothering of this deck embrace me and comfort me. Yes, it is a deck focused very much on the positive but I need that sometimes when I get all too caught up in my mind.

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  1. I like this deck and have used it a fair amount. I don’t understand the comments about it being same-y from other people–once you work with it you see the differences. “Just flow with it” is exactly right.

    It’s gorgeous isn’t it?


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