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Procrastinators doom

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VelocityTodays card 8 of Wands with the title ‘Velocity’ tells me to get off my chair and just DO IT! I know what is it, I just dread to take that leap but this is the time. Pushing this ahead of me will just make the whole situation worse and in the end it will not even be my own choice but the issue will be forced on me. This is my chance to take the bull by the horns and face my anxiety and solve a bad situation.

This card is kinda interesting, a man is leaping forward and beside him runs a dog that reminds me of the dog that follows the Fool, egging him onwards. On his leg is a piece of armour that looks a bit like an eaten apple! I am not sure what that symbolizes but it could be that he already has the knowledge needed for his actions. There are tiny arrows coming from his ankles again a reminder that speed and a clear goal is important.

For me I know exactly what is needed and yeah I am doing it 😀


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