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CohesionFirst the dream: I was applying excellerator and heat in the right time and proportion to get something to congeal and then smash it up to preserv peace.

Scissors and needles infused with Will and ointment to pinprick a bird with many coloured feathers. Take a feather and somehow use it to heal but also to harm. It was my destiny to do this and I simply could not fail but I still had to focus hard and excert a great deal of energy. Hidden drawers and wall-panels that kept bloodstained notes and tools.

Adjusting glasses to see the right way. They were broken and I mended them with a very hot flame.

Now the card: 3 of Wands. A man is applying heat to a large egg. Outside the room is the great sea. Julia Turk writes that this is the hatching of the Cosmic Egg beside the silent gate. The large arcade is opening up to the great sea which is Binah. The red stripe on the floor is symbolic of the renewal of the mind. Applied heat in silence will bring creativity and cohesion.

It all sounds so vague here but in my dream it was all crystal clear and I carry with me that feeling in my heart today.


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  1. We seem to have drawn the same card today. 🙂 Interesting how different decks can give a slightly different feel/message. Thanks for sharing your dream; I think sometimes they only make sense to the person who had it because it is such a personal thing.


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