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JusticeThe Majors in the Navigators Tarot is jumbled, filled with symbolism and some of them very obscure, making sense perhaps only to Julia Turk who painted them. Also the order and associations are changed, the names also changed in some cases. This card for example would be Justice in other decks but is here called Destiny. The keywords for it is: equilibration, volitation, innocence, integrity, discernment and acceptance.

The good thing with all this is of course that it is my deck, my blog and my rules. I simply pick the symbols that stand out to me at this moment in life and run with it. Suck it up!

Looking at the card I am drawn to the sword that the harlequine figure is balancing on. The hilt of the sword is stood upon a heart and it tells me that compassion is important. We have to start from a point of acceptance in our quest for justice. What Justice or Destiny really is about is the quest for equlibrium, balance. A circle of integration/disintegration in order to move higher up on the path of the Tree of Life. The tip of this sword is where equilibrium lies. And above it opens up the next path…

Julia Turk writes in her book that ‘you have the capacity to do and think exactly as you choose. By forgiving others, you can forgive yourself, and from that moment you will be free from any form of guilt’ It is clear that in order to move up the tree we need to find the equilibrium within ourselves first. For me today this means that while it might feel good to let my frustrations bounce off someone else, emptying myself of pent up guilt and feelings of being entitled to more then I got in this life. In order to move on I simply need to let go and forgive and be forgiven by myself. I can no longer dwell on injustices that happened 30 years ago. It is time to let go and open my heart and offer that hilt of the sword to better uses then cutting all around me like a wounded child.

Next time I look at this card I might choose to look deeper into the owl with the blue-print, the pair of oxen, the wise men, the elephants or the blocked off entrance to the underworld… Who knows.


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  1. I have enjoyed the images you have posted, but now I am concerned that without the book, this deck may be difficult to work with.

    • Well, I actually did make a lot of sense out of the minors and courts with just the LWB but they majors are a bit intimidating.


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