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Fire in the hole!

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I draw this card early this morning, jotted down half a page in my journal but wasn’t inspired enough to put it in the blog. Until now. It is funny how things work out. Anyway, here are my notes:

9 of Wands. A strong man in a circle of 8 wands holds the 9:th and it emits a forcefield strong enough to obscure his face. It is night sky with fire in the distance. It looks crowded, his space is very constricted. But he has the strength to harness the power of the fire. He is prepared.

Oh well, nothing exciting here… and then I sat down to watch TV and smelled smoke. I opened my front door and a cloud of white smoke came up from the basement. I hurried down to see where from and if I should call the 112 number. In the tiny heater room I find my landlady in a mighty cloud of smoke, I only see her body and hear her voice, her head lost in the mist. I ask her if everything is ok and she assures me she got it under control.

Fricking hilarious it was, after the first scare subsided. Now she is a tiny little thai lady but today she was master of the fire in that tight space.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Glad you’re landlady had things under control!

  2. Prince Le Normand

    I love it when the tarot does this. Great post and glad that you are both ok.



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