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Giving and receiving

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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward

It’s not so easy for me to ask for help but I am getting better at it. Also I am accepting now, not waving my arms about and say ‘oh no you shouldn’t, that is too much, I can’t possibly accept this…’  It was never even pride. Anyway today when I really needed some help and reached out and asked for it it felt ok. I didn’t feel like a burden, it was just a bag of groceries but it made a huge difference. And I noticed how happy my mom was to be able to help me.

Todays court card (yeah I see a trend here, courts almost every day lately which is perhaps a sign of my coming out of my shell a little and actually interacting more with the world) was the Knight of Cups. It’s all blue, green and yellow blending together. The Knight is kneeling it said in the book, which I never noticed cause I am a short girl so that is about as high I reach on a horse while standing up personally. He is holding out a cup foaming with water. In his other hand a white rose of purity. His horse is eating another rose and looks with a rather questioning glance at his owner (like my cat when he steals food from my plate) And there are crescent moons everywhere! In the sky, on the horse, on his armor and on his brow.

I dunno, those where the details that poked me today, the moons, the horse eating the rose, the gift of a foaming cup… This knight is my mom ❤

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  1. GOOD for you.
    Good FOR you.
    Good for YOU.

    Anyway you look at it, you did good. Didn’t kill you or anything either 🙂
    Hugs, Sharyn/AJ

  2. Prince Le Normand

    I love that Knight of Cups card Jema. I have looked at this deck on and off for years but never taken the plunge. I can never find big enough scans of the pictures. But this one looks lovely.



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