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6 of PentaclesI somehow felt compelled to pick out my Tarot of the Sidhe deck instead this week. I am still sick by the way, some ick in the sinuses so I spend most of my days (and nights) camped out on the sofa with blankets and books and an array of tea cups and biscuits with the TV on mute. I dream violent dreams of antagonizing people I love and wake up disoriented and confused, but it is just the fever talking.

The Sidhe has a vivid and powerful presence that I connect to right now. I also quite like that it is just the images and a 4 line verse that does the talking. Companion books are cool but more of an intellectual endeavor and at this time it is not what I crave.

I did write a bit about this deck in my forgotten swedish blog a few months back. There is a study group on it at the Tarotforum too but not active at all and I can see why. These cards are just so personal, they lend themselves more to personal interpretations then to look under the microscope in a study group. Cards are to be found here  at the home page of their creator Emily Carding (who you should look up at Facebook too cause she is a marvelous woman)

Todays card did feel like a gift. The key word Generosity and the outstretched hands makes me think about how important it is not only to give but to receive. The tree offering its fruit would be a waste if none were there to take them.


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  1. I have a deck that is so intensely personal that a “study” of it is just pointless. I have tried to use it for others, but the readings seem disconnected. But if I use it for myself, I feel it is more like a trusted friend and adviser.

    I do hope you are feeling better. I was really sick last winter and my week of readings (using Victorian Flowers Oracle) consisted of nothing but the deck telling me I was sick! Sometimes those cards are pretty amazing.


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