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Hierophant 9 of PentaclesOne thing I love about this deck is how the Sidhe invites you to join them. Even a card like the Hierophant (here called the Elder) is beckoning you to come and sit down with them, they are here to listen to you and to share. Last card, the Maker 6 was offering the fruit. Todays cards is offering you a seat among the Elders to confer and share wisdom and the Maker 9 shows you the importance of roots for you to be able to blossom. Love those little tendril roots dipping into the steam. The big fruit is the sun that is freely shared with all living things.


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  1. I’d have this deck in an instant if it weren’t for the faces. They just creep me out. Sharyn

    • lol I know what you mean. I guess I see them s ‘otherkin’ so the alien faces don’t disturb me too much.


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