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Sprouting wings

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I stick with the dream cards for now, my sleep is a refuge and where I explore deeply. One card before I go to sleep can set the tone of a dream. I was at first worried when I pulled the Death card.

Here is a mysterious figure on top of a spiral portal, the moon is new, just a sliver of light, like a scythe. An owl with outstretched wings look at us, behind her, a path filled with fluttering fresh butterflies, just emerging. On the sides, the lit candles, the trailblazers of the souls leading the way. The trees are talking to each other and the purple night sky.

In the dark of night trees come to life in a new way, it’s like they are moving, communicating, branches flailing about violently. You can feel the ancient entities inside them at night.

In my dream I sprouted wings, or perhaps branches, like a tree. Feathers/leaves of green growing from me but instead of taking to the air and flying up I descended down and down. I had a dephtmeter reading -49, -68 and deeper and deeper I traveled. I thought of it as traversing the years, traveling the rings of a tree, like a spiral, a portal.


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  1. What a luscious looking deck – love all those jewel tones! I wonder what the blood red tree roots represent?

  2. That is a fantastic dream you had!

    You know, all dreams in which I “fly” tend to be scary… except when I transform myself into an owl. And I was fascinated by the Owl in this card that you drew!

    The owl can fly quietly and gracefully… Perhaps you can “fly” better than you think, specially through the complex land of dreams… A fantastic and a bit daunting journey, but you DO have what it takes to complete it!

  3. Any dream for me is an escape from the mundane, like you said a refuge to explore deeply. That’s an interesting card to draw in anticipation of dreaming. Thanks for sharing. (I added you to my blogroll)


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