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9 of SwordsAs usual I take a card before going to bed and when I got this I was first tempted to just pick another. But since I really do believe in the power of dreams I am well aware how important out nitemares are too. I see them not only as a mind running ahead creating the worst possible scenario but also as a way for us to face our shadow in a safe place. I still remember my childhood nightmares. One of them was about how the God Neptune with a trident and all filled my house with water and flooded my room and lived in the basement and would catch me in his net if I stepped over the threshold. It all connected to stories I grew up with, all with it’s own twisted dream logic. I was a lucid dreamer already as a small child so I knew it was just a dream. But it gave me courage to explore the darkness. I could stop time and motion and really investigate what laid behind it all, I saw that Neptune was really my grandfather and the trident and net were the star signs in the sky, tools to find my way home if I were lost. I could breathe under water and I transformed into a mermaid.

I still have nightmares sometimes, but I know how to stop and restart them. To alter them and learn from them.


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