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Victorian Romantic DevilThis weeks deck is another one from Magic Realist Press. The deck got it’s own page here  and some reviews over at Aeclectic and a study group here too   and finally the Facebook page of Karen and Alex. As usual I never know how often I will update this blog, perhaps daily, perhaps just a few times a week. All I know is that I will have fun with the deck. This time I will try to do some more exchange readings too, trying out new spreads.

I bought this one a few years ago but for some reason never got the book but the art is splendid and talks for itself so I think I will be ok. I haven’t really read with it much, just looked at the images so I thought I would start by showing just 2 of my favorite cards. The Devil cause is she not just the sweetest thing ever? Sometimes bad news comes in pretty packages.

Another favorite is the 4 of Cups cause it makes your imagination run wild with stories on what is happening. Why so gloomy among so much joy? What are they celebrating?


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  1. you don’t need the book with this deck, it is straight-forward Rider Waite really. I think their books are over rated anyway.
    Happy Victorian week, the Froud Faries have already made their mark on my week 🙂

  2. The lady in this Devil card reminds me of the character Delores Umbridge from the Harry Potter movies! (Shivers…)


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