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Just not my day

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Of course I got the card I showed last night, 4 of cups. I was in a foul mood yesterday, got a sinus infection, a fever, dropped my hamburger on the floor, spilled butter all over my dress, no one picked from my trade train tarot list at the AT forum, I sneezed into my tea, no one was here to keep my whiny self company (no wonder, I would have fled from myself if I could have) Obviously everyone else was having a blast (or so I thought) just me being left out, miserable, woeful…

So I picked a card for how I should make myself feel better and got 3 of pentacles. I thought for this card that I should just do stuff that I enjoy and are good at, like that old man carving something out in wood while the kids watches on in amazement. He would be just as good with his craft regardless if anyone approved or not. So yeah, I made dinners that no one wanted to eat. Well, I ate them, and the were delicious! I was not the one missing out really. They were.


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  1. Geez, what a day you had! Hope you’re feeling better. I guess (just as you found out with your delicious dinner), life is what we make it – wonderfully illustrated with this Three of Pents!

  2. Putting on my doctor feelbetter hat. Jema, you’ve been sick for a month, have you seen your doctor? I’ll bet you have walking pneumonia or some kind of underlying infection.
    (((hugs))) Sharyn


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