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I have gotten these same 2 cards three days in a row now. I must be missing something. 4 cups and 3 pentacles. anyone reading this that got any quirky meanings to share?


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  1. I read a description of a Three of Pents card the other day, and when I saw your post, it popped in my head: an alliance with kindred souls. Sure doesn’t look like that guy is having fun in the Four of Cups with the folks he’s around, maybe he needed to find his true tribe who will encourage and inspire him. (as shown in the 2nd card).
    Hope you’re feeling better (and I agree with Sharyn – go to a doctor!). 🙂

  2. You are using the Victorian Romantic, right? The man in the Four of Cups looks rather depressed to me, so if that is an issue (I couldn’t tell from your last few posts), the Three of Pentacles could refer to getting help from someone with experience and authority. Maybe this makes sense or triggers something else that does. If not, just disregard it.

  3. Wow that’s impressive – same cards three days in a row! I get goosebumps when that happens (though thankfully it doesn’t happen that often!). There is a message here for sure.

    My interpretation is that in the 4 of Cups, there’s a sense of sensual indulgence and almost debauchery, yet the man does not seem eager to join the party. He is certainly being tempted by the women though! Whereas the 3 of Pentacles, that looks to me like sharing something meaningful with people you have a close bond with. It’s not just enjoyment for the hedonistic sake of it – it’s rather tied in with reinforcing emotional bonds and the value of skilled craft.

    I am gutted I never got a copy of this deck 😥 I love the work of Baba Studio. Blessings.


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