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Dragonfae ListenerThis is just so strange now but even though I love Magic Realist Press decks, I am having a hell of a hard time working with them lately. It’s like every week I pick one up I end up being over-emotional and complicate my life. Can’t blame it in the deck, I know, but to keep on the safe side I chose something totally different this week.

Lucy Cavendish is the creator of this week’s oracle deck Oracle of the Dragonfae, published by Blue Angel Publishing and featuring art of many different artists. I can’t find any good source for the images online and my scanner is broken so my beat up camera and funky 70-ies reading cloth on my sofa table will have to make do.

It was the lovely Saturness who first posted images of this deck that had me interested enough to buy them, I am usually not that big on oracle decks.

Saturdays card was also one of my favorite cards in the deck. The artist is Michele-lee Phelan. Her name is The Listener and her message is ‘Sacred silence’  One I really needed, I just read her description in the guide-book and said Aha! and shut off the TV, turned off the computer and just listened to my cat purring an hour. Cat purrs is the sound of luv. I felt a pressure just release, my pain in my shoulder diminished and I fell asleep.

No need to numb myself with sleeping aid, TV or alcohol or by creating drama. Just purrs…


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  1. Gotta love that kitty therapy! Lovely card. 🙂

  2. Cats are just the best, on so many levels 🙂 Glad your pain has abated and you managed to sleep.


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