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Dragonfae oracle Grandmother MagicksGrandmother Magicks from the Dragonfae Oracle was todays card. ‘I comfort you’ is her message. But really? Not so much comfort as challenge. Cause I am so not there yet. I haven’t really accepted where I am at, even if I sometimes claim to. I am still critical over my ageing body, my failed career, my non-existent love life etc. I keep thinking that by now I should have more to show for.

Grandmother here is about the cycles of life, of accepting and moving on. About the stages of womanhood. I am still disappointed and some days mad as hell. So not much of a comfort here, but perhaps a motherly pointer, an example. To stop living in the ‘what should have been’ and claim all of the ‘what is’

She also makes me think of my spirit, she is grandma Magick after all. Feels like I been a bit lost in all the ‘high magick’ recently, I think that going back to basics, to the roots, and do some old fashioned magick to get my groove back would be nice.



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  1. I think the average life span for women now is approaching 90. You have gobs of life left to live. Disconnect from the perceived failures and look for the door that opened when those doors closed. It’s there.

    Not too sure about this deck. Beautiful, but more a box of portraits.

    I’m sure I’ve read the Dark Tower series 4 or 5 times and listened to the audio at least 3 times. I love lots of words 🙂 And there are tarot cards!
    be well my friend~


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