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Morgan le FeyI grew up reading everything I could find about King Arthur and his knights and in most of the stories Morgan le Fey was the conniving witch out to snare Lancelot and overthrow the whole brotherhood of the round table. Then I discovered Marion Zimmer Bradley and her version and fell in love with the Mists of Avalon. But even here I never really saw her as a priestess of healing.

Here she is though, wielding the excalibur, in the lake. In the distance perhaps is the isle of Avalon. In the book Lucy Cavendish writes that the sword is to cut the bonds of all that holds you back. She is the soul family and will be my defender when my feelings are hurt. Well, since I got PMS this week there will be a lot of cutting and defending and healing. One direct advice on how to work with Morgan le Fey is to stay open for new relationships, new ties to people (and animals) around me. Even while hurting get out there and keep your heart exposed or nothing will ever change.

At least Charlie found a new friend. My friend and neighbour got a new kitten, Tasse, 13 weeks old and so adorable that my cat can’t keep his paws off him. Me, I am having a domestic goddess day of laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. Now that is quite healing too, I hate the work but love the result.

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