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I am not a vampyre lover. I only saw half of Twilight and never bothered with True Blood. I don’t own any vampire tarot decks and don’t even feel tempted to get one. But for some reason I just had a dream about being  not a vampire or a vampire hunter, more like a vampire avoider!  I was floating in air, rising above a high platform where vampires took shelter. They had birds wings for arms but among the soft and shiny feathers were silvery twigs, like claws. The air was full of them, bird-men and my ears was ringing from the sound of warning sirens. I had a conversation in my mind with myself about vampire lore and what rules governed them, the myth or some other vampire society rules. I could see the circle of death and re-death as opposed to the human one of death and re-birth. I could clearly feel that the bird/men were vacant, just a lot of sound and feathers and claws and I remember I felt sorrow for them and their fruit of death.


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  1. You have the most amazing dreams! Interesting that you felt sorry for them rather than being afraid…


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