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I have been working on a lot of things, none of which will pay the rent though. I am doing pathworkings, meditations on the Thoth tarot, learning the Lenormand, Laundry, cooking, doing a few readings with the Sephiroth tarot and finally and most vital: I am trying to mend my relationship with my parents. It’s tough going. My Thoth card for these few days is The Empress and it sure brings up a lot of the old wounds, but I am working on it. I am even seeing progress. I am a cancer with a hot temper and often react before really grounding my feelings, I just lash out, cry, slam doors etc. I tend to see things in black, yes the world is out to get me personally! As a kid I did go through more then kids should. But I am all grown up now, time to put the hurt child away. It’s a process but I am getting there, trying to calm down and not be so thin-skinned. Todays cards reflect me doing the work and reaping the fruit. I am reading them very literal, I know, but it was what felt right.

 Oh my dad is gonna be 71 years this thursday by the way. We sure had our fights too but things are a lot better between us. I foresee problems dealing with The Emperor too though lol.


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