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Dream it – then be it!

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7 of CupsToday is my dads birthday so I went over there early with his present. Had some coffee and a chat. I think the card I made was what he liked the best 😀

I woke up from a dream about being onboard a leaky ship, heaving myself over the rail from the water, looking through the kabysses (the little sleeping rooms) for others and having them all follow me to safety. The noise that awoke me was the chimney sweep climbing the ladder outside me bedroom window. I think there is an old superstition that it is lucky to see a chimneysweeper!

The card for today was 7 of Cups, not a favorite one from other decks but in the Tarot of the Sephiroth it is quite different. One a calm pond grows two lilypads and between them is a large ‘happy’ cup (I call it happy due to the water it perspires) and above it is 5 smaller cups joyfully exchanging the water. The 7:th cup is either underwater or exists just a a reflection.

7 is in the sphere of Netzach on the Tree and it is Victory and the domain of Emotions. Key word here is ‘Intense Desire’ and that you have to dream before you create. You need to have a strong desire, a Will to satisfy a Need and then make it happen.


‘Don’t dream it, be it’ from Rocky Horror Picture Show


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  1. How can I not leave a comment when you link to a Rocky Horror video?
    I really like your take on the Seven of Cups here! It makes a lot of sense to me, especially with the Rocky Horror link (long story…).
    And the Sephiroth is indeed a beautiful deck. I may have to buy it eventually, even if I know zip about the Kabbalah.


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