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Dreaming of tents

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Before going to bed I made a request for the Empress and the Emperor to come to me in my dreams. I am pathworking and meditating with the Emperor right now but had a hard time connecting to the Empress earlier this week. What I remember, just keywords, enough to recall the feeling of the dream later:

We were building a house but with tent material. We gathered large ornate tent-poles with anubis and rams heads on them. they were black. We put them down deep into the ground, 81cm and some even 103cm. We build a maze like structure out of fabric and I could pass through it, just like the sunshine and the shadows could. The Empress told me to tend to the birds and showed me a large bird-cage, but it was not balanced so i struggled not to let the birds out or the salamanders and frogs in. I balanced it with bowls of water. The Empress left but the man I think of as the Emperor stayed with me, still building on the tent-maze now transformed to a whole village.

This is my final day with the Tarot of the Sephiroth, it’s been a good week and I enjoyed using this deck every day (even though he places the Emperor with Heh and not Tzaddi but I can live with that) I did an exchange reading and a few 3-card readings. But I am using the spread I picked up at Inner Whispers now, simply 2 cards:

Prince of SwordsNot only: Prince of Swords Air of Air, a slap in the face, a rude awakening, a call to get going, don’t dream it – be and and go for it and that Now.

But also: Strength, Geburah to Chesed, connecting the yin and the yang, the Lady and the Lion, power and awareness, knowing just when to act and tempering the rash Prince.




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