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This is how I spent most of my weekend. My internet rarely works friday-sunday evening so I entertain myself with other things, such as building fire, watching TV, reading (I got stacks of books all over my apartment) and playing Sims or knitting. I also had a really unpleasant blow-up on an internet forum so that put me off going online even further.

My deck for the week is the lovely Sakki-Sakki tarot by Monicka Sakki. There is a book to the deck also but I have not gotten around to buying that one yet. I have to say though that I haven’t been working much with tarot at all so far this week which is a shame cause this deck sure deserves all the time spent with it.

I did take a card for the weekend and got The Devil, thought long and hard about it and decided against more dispute and negativity on-line, I am aware a lot of it stems from my own bad temper that can flare up at any time. But it has actually been a really long and nice weekend for me. I had some crazy dreams, made some excellent chillie, knitted a shawl and other mundane tasks.

This morning I figured it was time to pull another card, set aside The Devil since I wasn’t really done with him, and pulled The Angel (Judgement) and promptly put them side by side for the complete picture. Now it looks like the Devil is dancing the the pipe of the Angel and I like that. However I see it, there is a party going on and I am not about to miss it.


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  1. I love the photo of your living room. It’s very cozy. Nice interpretation of those two cards as well, but perhaps the Devil is dancing to the beat of his own drum? You know how troublesome he can be 🙂

  2. That room looks so warm and welcoming!

    I like your interpretation of the Devil + Judgment – and the two cards together are really amazing.

  3. Wish I could curl up in front of your hearth with a hot cup of tea right now! Looks so inviting!


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