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Opulence is the word on the banner in the card 5 of Wands from ‘The Tarot of the Holy Light’ that I recently received and can’t keep my hands off. Usually we would see some guys fending off other guys with sticks in this card. Not so here. Instead we see the male/solar pillar and the female/lunar pillar merging forces and creating something new, something worthy of 5 stars and a lot of shabang!  In the LWB I read among other words that this is the card for fortunate combinations and that is indeed what I see here. Instead of joustling and quarrels there is a merging of forces to refine a common goal. My other card was again Judgement and my only interesting note on that one was that the angel holds two horns but can only blow in one, is the other one for me? Time to step up and blow my own horn…

Right now I am barely breathing though, got a nagging suspicion that my coughing could be a pneumonia, gonna check it up next week unless I feel better.


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  1. Wow, the colors really pop on these cards – much more so than on the few scans I’ve seen. Love the take on the Five of Wands as brainstorming/working together to create something great rather than just busting heads. Hmmm… I’m thinking I may have figured out what my family can get me for Christmas this year. 🙂 Thanks for the photo and for sharing the great reading!

  2. These cards make me dizzy 🙂 and remind me very much of the Alstrop decks. If you could only have one deck this would be a good one though, lots to chew on for years to come. A good IDS deck.


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