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I am still loving the Tarot of the Holy Light even though I can’t say I understand every detail on every card. It is beautiful and even in the most layered cards I seem to be able to relate to at least parts of them. Last night I draw 2 cards for right now, just asking advice for the next few days really.

The Fool being born from some kind of burning inferno reminds me of my journal scribbles just the other day while watching some TV program about Stephen Hawkings theory about whether God created the Universe or not. He claims that since nothing at all can exist before the Big Bang then no creator had time to make anything cause there was no time. I think it kinda miss the mark. I believe that the Universe and the Big Bang is the creator. The expanding Universe is Divine. The whole process as he described it was like Kabbalah 101. From the Ain soph aur, the no-thing, comes everything… I could go on but I won’t for now.

The LWB got some nifty key-words for the cards. The one (among many) that resonates to me from the Fool is ‘in touch with the Yes’ I love that, gonna keep that one close at heart this week. The Fool is a reply to The Hermit.  Although I have to admit I am working with The Hierophant this week in meditations and sometimes my poor brain confuse the two. While the Hierophant is the ‘shower of the mysteries’ I guess the Fool IS the mystery and the Hermit is providing the light for us to find him in our self’s.

So Not only the hermit that according to the LWB is ‘participating directly in the spiritworld’  But also the Fool jumping out and participating in the rest of the world, in touch with the Yes!

Both me and Charlie had a great week by the way. Since the castration he is a lot calmer and even more cuddly 😀


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  1. Love these cards!:) Thanks to your blog, they will be under the tree at the holidays. Just as a side note, I sent a message to Christine about when the companion book would be out. She said the book is written, but they’re are trying to trim the fat (right now it is about 1000 pages!). She’s hiring one of her students (a neutral party) to wield the knife, as she says that she doesn’t want anything taken out and Michael (the artist) wants a lot taken out.
    I agree about Kabbalah and the Big Bang. If people would look at Kabbalah like a philosophy/idea rather than insisting it was a religion, I think they would be pleasantly surprised at the understanding behind it.
    The keywords – in touch with the Yes – are perfect for the Fool!


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