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Recovering from fatal error.

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Well, it felt like that when my computer died and both my hard-drives with years of info, pictures, files, bookmarks and books vanished. That was a few weeks ago, hence why I been so silent. My brother kindly let me have one of his hard-drivers and rebuilt my computer so I am back but haven’t really been in a writing and sharing mood lately. Instead I have been living solely in the ‘Real World’ doing mundane but wonderful things such as baking macaroons and shortbread, knitting, reading novels, cooking casseroles and writing in my paper journal.

This week I think I am gonna try to update with at least a few posts on tarot. My deck for right now is the ‘Tarot of the thousand and one nights’ It is from Lo Scarabeo so the LWB is quite useless. I learnt to read on those stories though. My mom had a fancy collection of 5 or 6 books with some slightly ‘naughty’ and kinda disturbing but also beautiful russian art nouveau paintings that sparked my curiosity at the age of 4 or 5. In my shelf this deck lives box-to-box with the Klimt tarot simply cause in my imagination the art nouveau of the Klimt is correlated to the stories of 1001 nights. I don’t really remember the stories that well, but I remember the ‘feel’ of them.

Todays card is the 6 of Pentacles and it shows a rich feast being shared with a poor man. I wonder how the poor man feels, is he uncomfortable being the center of attention like that? Why is he even there? What is the motivation of the rich man to invite him to his home? What does the servant/slave in the background think of it all? And on a more personal level, why do I alwaus analyze things to bits whenever something good happens to me? Perhaps it is time to simply trust the Flow of life and be present and enjoy the moment. Not missing it before we even lost it.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your computer woes! It would be quite a shock to lose all your files and to have no computer to use. Glad to see you posting again. 🙂
    This is such a lovely, exquisite deck! I wish I knew more about the stories the cards represent, and then I would chase down a copy myself.
    For many years I lived “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” I had such a hard time enjoying the good moments because all of my focus was on how fleeting they were. Age has helped a great deal in that department…

  2. welcome back from real life. Amazing what we can get done when we stay off the computer. That’s why I limit myself to 2ish hours a day.


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