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Fishing for treasures

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Found this spread, a more relevant version of the deck interview spread, on one of my blog-friends pages and decided to give it a go. The deck is the 1001 nights. Click the images to see them larger.

What key lesson does this deck have for me this week?
What is this deck best used for?
What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?


The first card is Queen of Cups, a beautiful lady in her boudoir sprinkling herself with perfume. This to me speaks of luxuary and indulgence but in a ‘pure’ fashion. There is nothing lewd about her, she is simply enjoying the good things in life in a loving manner. This whole deck is lush and lavish and extravagant and is begging to be stored in rich silk with incense.

The second card is the Ace of Cups wich speaks of emotions. The way to use this deck is to let it flood your emotions and to open your heart and memory to things hidden deep inside. Perhaps just one or a few cards at a time, give the images time to talk.

The third card is the 3 of Wands and here we see a man fishing with a spear from his rafter in the sunset. What I take away from using this deck this week is to adapt to it’s language, be resourceful and not give up and to enjoy fishing for treasures.

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