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Jolanda den tredjes tarot

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That is the Swedish name for the deck more often called ‘Swedish witch tarot‘ It is created by Rosie Björkman aka Jolanda den Tredje and Swiss/Swedish artist Hans Arnold. I have the book for it (in swedish) and it is a fun read. Rosie Björkman is quite a character. She doesn’t go that much into the details in the artwork but adds a lot of interesting ‘häxbrev’ (witch letters) for all the cards. This deck is now also out in an english edition with very purple borders, I do prefer the more muted gray borders that I have.

I decided to do the modified deck-interview spread:

What way is this deck best used: Bägarprinsessan is Page of Cups. Cheers! It’s time to ‘unclam’ open up to the deep well of emotions. But also let things evolve and take the time that is needed. The princess is grounded as being earth of water and the turtle carry her safely across the ocean.

What is the key lesson Jolanda has for me this week: 7 of Swords with the keyword ‘Tvivel’ (Doubt) I had some when I got this card :-p but just looking at it made me think about phrases like ‘cutting to the chase’ and ‘don’t get it twisted’ and ‘turning your back to the problems’ etc. The snakes and the people turning away from eachother warns agains not facing problems and I take it that my key lesson this week is to stand my own ground, face up to my own flaws and communicate open and honestly. Don’t get it twisted!

Outcome of working closely with Jolanda tarot one week: Ess av Mynt (ace of coins) and the keyword is Födelse = Birth. Ontop of a barren and harsh landscape comes crashing down a treasure! Opportunity hits you in the head and it’s time to grab it and run with it! I do have plans for my future stirring inside… I am thinking of reaching outwards more, connecting to others in my area and perhaps do something tarot-related.

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