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Snow and Sphinxes

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First some more snow photos

For my daily cards I decided to try out a spread found on 78 mirrors blog.

What seeds are being planted: 10 Livshjulet = Wheel of Fortune. Something is stirring, pulling, shifting, turning… New starts, life expanding in new directions. The Sphinx is the riddle, the snakes the warning not to get it twisted, the monkey the playfulness. I here also so the importance of being present in the here/now sphere. Pay attention to the wheel of the year.

What I need to untangle: 7 Bägare – Fantasi (7 cups – imagination or as Jolanda calls it – in magic nation) I first thought of the twilight life as a warning, but I see it now after some contemplation more as an urging on to take my own magic nation imagination to the next level, to use it to untangle my limitations. The Sphinx here seems a lot more approachable with her open book. This is also a very direct notice to myself to start journal my dreams again, to take them more seriously. Since I got a kitty that wakes me up early I use that as an excuse for letting the dreams fade while letting him out in the mornings.

What I need to nurture: Stavprinsen – Knight of wands. My first impression here was that I shouldn’t really blog about this. A very strong message of ‘Dream Dare and keep silent’ So I will.


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  1. Your snow photos are so beautiful! Snow here is as rare as hen’s teeth. Interesting that you got two cards with sphinx figures in them. You’re right, they both do seem welcoming.

  2. The snow looks so pretty, but I know it’s often also a hassle. Certainly, though, it’s a very clear message of the turning of the wheel of the year. Hope you’re managing to just enjoy it!

    Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that you have won my Yule Yoga Giveaway. So, please email me your contact details to info(at) 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. Snow! We don’t have snow here where I live, although our winters are cold… they are not cold enough for it to snow. Sometimes it hails during the winter, which is not a very pretty experience, lol!

    This deck you are using is very pretty. The Knight of Wands gave me impression that you need to nurture fire, because of the cold! Make the place where you are comfy and cozy! 🙂


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