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No wedding – no funeral.

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 Oh I feel nothing like her today. I feel more like the seahorses by her side, slightly squished and a little tired. Or the birds fluttering about with no real direction. Well actually, now that I look at her, does she not look a bit like a quite tired and worn-out housewife dressed up in a too large head-dress, just resting a minute before continuing on with the dusting. Yeah that is me today. Her dress is filled with calla lilies – I always see them as wedding flowers, or funeral flowers, and perhaps she is right now not really expecting the first but not yet waiting for the second.

I’ll slink back to my bedroom now. I need a moment. Just dream a bit, not wearing all my emotions out. Just chilling between the dustings with life.


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Dreamer, tarot reader and hobo librarian

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  1. But pay attention to the feather in her hand – take life lightly! 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying seeing your interpretations of the cards from the Jolanda. I love the illustrations but sometimes they mystify completely. 🙂


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