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Buddha 7 lotuses Buddha 8 jewelsI have a resistance against this deck that I didn’t expect. It’s like my mind put up walls denying it access. It is there and I am determined to give it the full weeks attention like I committed but it is tough. While I might not blog about the Buddha tarot daily I am still working with it, slowly and a bit annoyed. I did the deck interview spread last night but just wrote down the card titles and left it out over the night. Today I took another look at it and it feels like I am prying treasures out of clammy hands. Or at least trying to.

The first card is the key-lesson this deck has this week and it is the 7 Lotuses /7 of Wands, a fire card and we see a man fighting off a snake with a sword. I feel like the man, the deck is the snake and the sword? perhaps my journal. The book writes that the way to fight anger is not with anger but with kindness and the way to make less enemies is to make more friends. Yes, I see that I really need to simply change my expectations. This resistance is my own creation, the only thing I can really change is my own approach.

The second card is for what is the best use for this deck or how to use it and the reply is 8 of jewels / 8 of pentacles. A man hard at work. Yeah it takes some dedication and use of what skills I have and a clear focus.

Buddha the chakrasThe last card is for what I will take away after this week with the Buddha Tarot and it is The Chakras / The Morning Star. This is such a beautiful card, peaceful and centered and ordered. Calm, no fighting here. The book writes about how the Chakras is like a ladder to higher consciousness and how we need to use all the points to get to the top in a balanced way. Perhaps even this reluctance and struggle has a purpose.


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  1. You make think you are struggling with these cards, but your readings make a lot of sense! I think there are some positives in choosing “hard” decks like we are using this week – not only do they take us out of our comfort zone, but they make us look at familiar cards in unfamiliar ways!


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