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1/1 2012

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Crows Eye View Spread from TarotLovers Calender

Instead of just giving all spread details I post it here just so you can see some of the cards in this amazing tarot deck and just generally chat
a little about what I expect from the next month. First interesting thing is that my Year card for 2012 – Art, came up in the first spread I did
in the new year. It is also in the ‘future’ position. My card for last year was Death, despite that I had a rather good year. But nothing really
happend, it was slow change, I settled in at my new apartment, got a cat, all was very gestating, sprouting in the dark, dreaming, about to
happen but not quite there. A bit locked in, like the vault of 4 Disks. It’s there, just barred away.
Art is a lot about adjustments too, of finding the middle pillar, but I see it also as activly DOING the work, not just thinking about doing it –
later. The 8 cups at the very top does warn me of my very ‘lazy’ nature though. I need to really make use of the central energies here which are
the nervous energy and cuirosity of the Princess of Swords and Art itself. There is nothing lazy and timid in those cards so I hope this month
will end my constant procrastination.


The deck I use right now is the Rosetta Tarot by M.M. Meleen. It is a Thoth influenced deck, vivid colours and a real treat. I feel in love with it instantly.


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  1. Great to see you blogging again. Enjoy your time with the Rosetta. šŸ™‚


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