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(early morning 7:th of january 2012)
This Aeon card must be my favorite one ever. It is Nuit/Nut bending backwards, arching her back to create for us all the stars. Hadit is the
collar on the Phoenix that is representing Horus. Very Thelemic it is but even with no background in Thelema you can still just enjoy the image
and the symbols.
The Princess of Cups is standing on crystals formed from the water cause she is Earth of Water and is making ‘real’ such a fluid and emotional
element. Graceful and beautiful she is connecting to the animals around her.
The 6 of Disks shows us bees gathering honey in a honey comb. Hard work gives sweet rewards.6 bees are tending to the closed in queen bee.

So beautiful cards but such a sad day. This evening my cousins oldest daughter passed away after a long and very painful battle with cancer. She
was 27. With this in my head I see not so much the honey in the last card as I see the immobile queen bee being tended and fed by the workers.
The Aeon gives me hope though, that somehow she is on a much bigger journey now, on a new phase.


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  1. Sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin’s daughter!

    Your description of the honeycomb reminded me of the Greenwood’s Six of Stones which also shows bees in a honeycomb shape ( Where the Rosetta’s card is titled “Success,” the Greenwood’s card is titled “Exploitation” – which in my mind opens several interesting ways to look at both of these…

    Oh, and I also love the idea of Nuit (or what little I know about her). I’m surprised to see her bending backwards here because I’m only aware of the usual forward-bending depictions of her – but “bending backwards to create the stars” is such a nice play on the idiom, too!


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