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RosettaInspired by a spread made by Marcus Katz that he posted on Facebook. He used the settings of an operation, but my brain (mis-)interpreted it as a
camera. So I took it like that and ran with it. 3 cards: The photographer – The lens – The motif.
First really get into the energy of the Photographer. I didn’t pick a court, she just came to me and it works best with courts cause their
personality is what gives this position its power. The energy of the Queen of Disks is nurturing yet conservating. She is not one to lavish on
luxury. She creates oasis of love in an otherwise sterile setting. She is emotionally grounded and quite sceptic. She is not about to spend her
buck on some self-proclaimed guru selling her the latest fad.
My lens is how I focus this energy and the Priestess here is to me a real ‘Aha’ card. I been reading this amazing book by Kala Trobe ‘The magical
Qabalah’ and in it she describes how to actually move between the sephira on the Tree of Life and that is what I see when I do pathwork. With an
extreme internal focus she is passing inside a tube of swirling water, her arms slightly raised to set the speed.
The 6 of Swords is ‘Science’ and is both a goal, a tool and sometimes a stumbling block cause in itself it is a mere wall to true Knowledge and
Experience. Those symbols can both be a block and a language for the initiated one.
I got a lot more on this in my journal but it is just personal notes in swedish that I am sure no one else can really be bothered with and I am too tired to try and translate them into meaningful english.

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  1. You’re posting again! Yea! I really like this spread (and your misinterpretation of it!). The Queen even looks like she is holding a lens with her disk in her hands. I so love this deck and its rich colors.


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