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Friday the 13:th

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Backlogged again. I am somehow reluctant to update when I don’t have pictures ready, I should step away from that demand on myself.

I received the Silicon Dawn Tarot this week and spent an evening looking through the cards and reading the book. I like the deck, the book was a little wordy at some places but a decent companion. I look forward to use the deck as weekly deck sometime soon. I have been enamored by the Rosetta though. My daily cards seem to grow out to whole landscapes and I even lost the urge to go back to Thoth for ‘verification’. Todays card was the Queen of cups and I connected to her here, something I didn’t do with the Thoth Queen.

A dream: Roadtrip in the old Toyota with my father driving and my mom in the backseat (which has never happened ever) We were driving a long time but never got very far, the car stopped by the ocean and we went to a restaurant/bathing house and I ordered cake. Sweet delicious cakes with jam and powdered sugar. It was snowing outside and my hair was wet from the steam (sauna) I couldn’t find the car and was afraid like a little girl again that they left me.

For reasons unknown the dream is titled Box of Roses in my journal

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